Hung Gar

Senior student Adam Pitman

From: Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Sydney….

As this style is a combination of advanced Internal and External training regimes, it makes this art a formidable Self Defence System to learn. Hung Gar Style is also suitable for all age groups. Hung style is so powerful that our styles master Hung was commissioned to teach the imperial army of China and had gone into battle to defend the country against army invaders and ruthless bandits in China. Hung Gar system was a closed door art for many years and still well guarded since it’s introduced to the public back in 1800. This Academy has continued to teach the complete art to worthy students that have a good Character & Moral standing.

Hung Gar Style is based on the Five Animals and Five Elements systems. The unique power and balance of the Five Animals and Five Elements training, had made masters of this powerful art invincible in battle, in the days of spears and swords, since each of the five Animals and five Elements when combine, develop the mind and body towards good health, with great focus ability and will to assert oneself in life.

The Five Animals give the following benefits and ability:

  • Tiger:      Leopard:       Crane:       Snake:       Dragon:

The Five Elements give the following benefits and ability:

  • Air:      Fire:      Water:      Wood:      Earth:

Based on the Five Animals  technique and the Five Elements fighting techniques, this style almost made fighters of this Style invincible in battle, as the imperial army had shown so in battle after they learn the Hung gar style of Kung Fu.  Other army regiments that did not training in this art faired very badly in battles.

That is why the Hung Gar style was called:  Hard As Iron – Soft As a thread system

ram The diagram Below shows the other benefts of the Five Animals in the Hung Gar System & their Attributes, with Sifu Joseph in the centre connecting all  of the Five Animals of Hung Gar, where each student must place themselves in this system, to be effective in this Art of Shaolin Kung Fu


Five Animals of Hung Gar Style

Five Animals of Hung Gar Style

HUNG GAR is a rare Traditional ShaoLin style of Kung Fu, that is worth doing, if you can find the right Sifu that can instruct you properly in this art.    Sifu Joseph is the Seventh  generation down from Master Wong Fei Hung and his grand master id YC Wong.    Learning Kung Fu, is different from knowing Kung Fu and being able to teach it.  Look for a close descendent of the art and that has the right Attitude, Temperament and caring Personality with Spiritual values before you put your time effort and money  into it.


Experience:                                                                                                                                     It is the combination of advanced internal/external training that make this art a formidable Self Defense System to learn. Hung Gar is also suitable for relaxation, fitness, self-control, strength and energy.

  • Spiritual Connection and Chi Gong
  • Mental Relaxation and Empowerment
  • Develop Physical Fitness and the Iron Body
  • Build Power and Engergy for Youthful Experience
  • Learn Traditional Kung Fu and its Self-Defense

Traditional Kung Fu is an ancient holistic approach to perfection of oneself in the Three vital Elements of our totality of our life being: Mental, Physical and Spiritual.   Thefore exercising and broadening ones dimentions in the three elements of ourselves brings forth Harmony, Peace and Happiness shrowded in inner Love that no one can diminish or take away.  This is the Love we each need to acheive to reach  heaven state.

Its an experience of a lifetime, of Change, Self Control and Will that will take you past any adventure you may be able to conjour up.

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