School photos….


TienShanTzi’s 3 Grand Champions
Sifu Roberto Briseno with the schools -3 Grand Champions..


Sifu with Jaime..Tiger Claw Elite 2014–Tai Chi Grand Champion .
Sifu with Joy–Tiger Claw Elite 2015–Traditional Kung Fu Grand Champion..
Sifu with Pete–Tiger Claw Elite 2017–Tai Chi Grand Champion.

Shout Out!!! For Adam…

At this time, the school wants to recognize one of the instructors at this school— Adam Pitman.

Not only is he doing an excellent job teaching and taking on the role of mentor to all the new students ( welcome to all of you by the way ), but he has taken on the hard job of maintaining and doing the up-keep of the Temple and it’s facilities.

Next time you stop by the Temple and see Adam– Thank him for his hard work and effort in both his teaching and upkeep of the Temple. Thank you Adam….